Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Millennials and the Slightly Ageing Marketeer

So, it's all about millennials in FMCG nowadays. The silver surfers aren't quite sexy enough, and the male market is limited by stereotypes which appear to all purposes to be largely true. It's exciting to be talking to a new market.

Except they're not new. Just younger versions of us. A huge growth area in which you'll never play a part as a participating consumer.

Which makes me feel quite old. In a similar vein to having a doctor's appointment with someone who is clearly younger than your "baby" brother, and on a par with the day that you realise the only way you'll ever actually cut it on a reality talent show is as the quirky sympathy vote. The SuBo, or the John Sergeant of the marketing world.

Because, until this point you probably thought you were one of them. You had the superiority of youth, making insightful if slightly condescending comments about the fifties plus market. Believing that all "housewives" watched continuous TV, and read weekly gossip magazines, in between going to Tesco/Asda/Sainsburys for their weekly trip, whereupon they'd clearly buy all the things that you'd advertised to them.

But you're not one of them. You're not entirely sure that you fit the Generation X definition either (but that is a different story). And as they banter about the "older" members of the team, you grin wryly through [yellowing] teeth and glance through your smudged spectacles at the other token old gits in your department.
But, ageing marketeer, have no fear and keep that [turkey] chin up. The mark of a true marketeer is the ability to transcend stereotypes and understand what it is that makes people tick. A skill transferrable to all age groups, social types and persuasions.

So yes, you may not know your YOLOs from your SuBos, or your understand that Tinder is not something you use to light a campfire with (who knew?). Time is the greatest leveller of all. And karmic in its own way. Serves you right for bantering about the old gits in your department when you were a bright young thing.

How Millennial are you? I got 51% - not very ...

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